You’ve been dreaming of something more
for a long time.

Now you’ve started your business as a way to live life on your terms, whether that be spending more time with friends and family, traveling, or having more time for yourself. You started your business because you listened to that voice that kept telling you, “you are made for this.”

You’ve taken the leap and you are doing the thing … but your clients aren’t knocking down your door as easily as you’d hoped.

You might be a superstar in your profession or niche, but getting in front of your ideal clients and inspiring them to work with you is a challenge. Not only that, the light that shone so brightly when you ventured down this path is starting to dim with each “no” you hear..

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I’m a mid-westerner who fell in love with the way the waves can change an entire coastline over the years (see: I’m now based in Connecticut, by the beach). My greatest possession is my talent for seeing your story from above, even while you’re in the thick of the details. I help you get perspective over how you can take your greatest strengths and use them to attract your ideal clients.

And then? I create a tactical plan that helps you fill your business with high-quality clients.

But, it wasn’t always this way…

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I was trying to figure out everything so fast that eventually I felt like I was running towards nothing. The content I was creating didn’t align with who I said I was and what I was helping people with. I didn’t know where to focus my time to get consistent clients, even though, hello! I’m a marketer!

Eventually, a high-paying full-time position came along with a nice title and I grabbed it like I was grabbing for my last lifeline. Only, it wasn’t a lifeline at all. It took a few hard reminders of what I valued most in this life to part ways with the new job and make it on my own again.

Only this time, I knew I didn’t want to really do it on my own. I hired a business coach and it was the best decision I ever made. Everything shifted me for me so quickly. I felt like I was running towards something again. Only this time I was running in the right direction, with a beautiful ending in sight. It didn’t take long to start landing clients and build the life and business I was made for.

The difficulties I’ve had starting and growing my own business, all while having such a deep knowledge that I was made for this, is the reason I’m so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs make it work for them. It’s so easy to quit or go back to our comfort zone when things aren’t going the way we had hoped. I’m here to change that.

If my story resonates, I’m here to help. Reach out and let’s talk about how we can make the life of your dreams a reality.

In summary…

My talent: balancing high ambition while living a rich life

True story: introspective business leaders can be the best messengers of revolutionary ideas (because they’re careful to prioritize their greater vision over short-term solutions)

My purpose: connecting who you are + how you want to show up + building the business you were made for

Her ‘je ne sais quoi’: New York advertising savvy + real-world marketing experience + the knowledge that what’s really driving results in business now is personal connection

“Come to mama!” moment: when an unexpected turn of events gave me the opportunity to take hold of my dreams and control my own narrative (more than once!)

I believe that...

  • showing up + growing personally will boost your bottom line

  • inner focus culminates in external motion

  • your experiences, insights and stories matter

  • showing up as our true selves  = finding like-minded people = the clients that will build the staircase to your goals

  • the greatest among us want to lead with boldness, integrity, and true passion (not all-encompassing “hustle” and “24/7 devotion”)

  • satisfying, purpose-driven lives are built over time and with intention

  • your best ideas are already in you



Sara O’Brien has been finding sticky stories for advertising agencies, hospitality brands, and tech companies in the greater New York City area for the past 14 years. Her Masters in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising has given her the sort of international and far-reaching insight that brands like MasterCard and Weight Watchers have relied on. Helping guide digital companies like Intent Media and Next Guest Digital has given Sara the experience of building compelling narratives for both brands and their people. Through stories, Sara has been able to position companies as leaders in their industry, develop digital marketing strategies for major hospitality brands and tech companies, and acquire luxury contracts that quadrupled year-over-year revenue for her past employer.

After years of working on a variety of corporate and digital marketing challenges, Sara honed in on her desire to help entrepreneurs tell their stories in a way that made them stand out and attract their ideal clients.

Who do I work with?

I work with entrepreneurs who’ve followed their guts to start their own business (along with putting in all the hours, relationships, etc). They know that their ideas are worthwhile and transformative, but have some difficulty figuring out where to focus their time to fill their roster with high-quality clients.

Most importantly? They desperately want to write a script for their life that is built on their terms, and are ready to make that a reality.

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