3 strategy sessions + 2 review meetings + 1 action plan to help you

Clarify the unique perspective that helps you find your ‘true’ audience

Align your personal brand so every decision about what to say and where to say it becomes 10x more obvious

Receive a fail proof social strategy that you can set into action immediately


So Tell Your Story

For those who can invest in building a story that will guide them for years to come (and give them the steps they need to build their legacy)

So Tell Your Story is the full-blown personal branding package that leaves no stone unturned in the scheme of message-finding, story strategy consultation, and tactical action plans. If you’ve ever wanted to commit to finding the story that strings all your passions together, this is for you. If you’ve ever wondered about the right strategy for getting your best ideas out there (without annoying people and while improving your company’s image), this is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to work with someone one-on-one to really dig deep and help you see the big picture of what you’re capable of, and how to (realistically) get there, this is for you.

So Tell Your Story helps you find… your Full Brand Expression, including

  • Your goals and your big vision, professionally and personally

  • Your positioning: what you stand for, what you want to be known for, and why it matters

  • Who’s in your audience: 1–2 full descriptions + personas

  • Core message that resonates with your community

  • Keywords that reflect how you show up for your people

  • What differentiates you

  • Your ‘why’

  • Your unique tone or point of view

  • Your core values

And gives you… a Story Strategy for how we’ll meet your goals, including up to 3 areas of focus, such as:

  • Speakership positioning: main gigs to focus on & 1–2 key recommendations

  • Online content: 5 topic starters to guide your blogging/vlogging strategy

  • Industry article contribution suggestions so you’re not constantly stumped by a “to write” list

  • Social media presence guidelines to help you know what conversations to engage in, which groups to join, and which of your ideas to highlight

  • Employee engagement initiatives: targeted ideas to get seen at work including work groups, masterminds, mentorships, etc.

As well as a Social Media Content Strategy Guide + Action Plan

  • Your top 1 channel + content action plan

  • 3–5 ideal personal brand themes

  • 2–3 influencers to emulate

  • 1 post template

  • Frequency + timing recommendations

  • Engagement tips

Investment: $4500 USD*

*If you're an early stage entrepreneur or independent consultant but know this is the right support for you, reach out and tug on my heart strings. Startup costs are high but I believe that what I can do for you is crucial to your success, so let's work together to work it out.

Payment plans available.

Working with Sara was effortless. She helped me understand the power of personalization in my social media strategy and craft a biography that I now use everywhere. Since working with Sara, I’ve seen an increased engagement of 1000%+ on LinkedIn, tapped into new audiences, and improved my leads. The results were near instantaneous!”
— Brian, Financial Advisor