A 2-hour strategy session & follow-up review session to help you:

Find exactly who’s going to be obsessed with what you have to say

Solidify the unique message that people will remember about you

Decide how, where, and when “showing up” will pay off for you


Start Your Story

For time-strapped executives who need their great ideas distilled in a tight, impactful package.

Start Your Story is a quick but intimate collaboration where we identify your strengths and core messages in a neat package that’ll help you from Twitter to speaking bios and beyond. I do the work to find the beauty in the chaos of all your inspiration, and distil it in a way that is practical and tactical when you’re thinking about what kind of content to focus on and create. This story starter is a great beginning to longer-term work together and will give you all the jumping off points to really start thinking about who you’re talking to and why that matters in the grand scheme of your great ideas.

Starting your story helps you find… your Mini-Brand Expression, including

  • The most important person in your audience (as well as what he/she does, title, age, gender, location, and the main challenges she/he is facing)

  • Core message that your audience needs to hear

  • Keywords that reflect how you show up for your community

And gives you…

  • 2 - 3 expert recommendations for how to start telling your story on one social channel (themes, content types, etc.)

Investment: $450 USD